I C A N N OT believe what I just saw!!!!!! Let me first express that I would NEVER talk about or post anything that I did not truly believe in or stand behind. I attended Dance Lab’s concert and words could never describe what my eyes saw! The talent!!! These were not dancers, these were artist!!! The choreography!!! Every move was aligned and precisely planned. I am not going to say costumes because those were NOT costumes... they were magnificent outfits straight from a runway in Paris! There was not one single details that was left out! Jenny Broe you are a complete rock star! You have given these students an opportunity to thrive and love a world of dancing! May we all DANCE!!!!
— Ashley Jackson (Facebook Review)

The Dance Lab is an all around awesome dance studio. My 3 year old loves her teacher, Ms. Lauren, who is so kind and patient. She's teaching her students the proper name for each ballet move along with the correct form. She's so encouraging and positive! Jenny (the owner) is always there and is so kind. We highly recommend this studio. It's very modern and fun! - Erin Wilson (Google Review)

After abandoning my love for dance back in college, Dance Lab has reawakened my passion for dancing!! Although my body can’t move quite like it used to, all of the instructors are so supportive and make me feel so confident!! Can’t recommend this place enough for adults who are trying to jump back into dancing or even start out for their first time!! Special thanks to Jenny and Naquan!! Xoxo - Tatiana Sorrentino (Google Review)

Love Jenny and her Dance Lab! Jenny and all the instructors are amazing, passionate, and encouraging. If you're a beginner, they'll teach you. If your an experienced dancer, you will find others like you. Whatever your level, you will be part of a community that loves and encourages dance and movement. - Becky Hemmerling (Google Review)

Great place to practice any kind of dance techniques. Friendly environment. My son loves Dance Lab a lot. It his favorites place to go. I would recommend to those parents who's kids want to try. - Natalya Anderson (Google Review)


Love this place! My 4-year old daughter LOVES it! And she is learning so much. Ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, and even a little tumbling. Great teachers, great price, amazing owner! Definitely a must for any age! - Khara Bowlin (Google Review)

If you're looking for quality dance instruction with a laid-back and welcoming vibe, Dance Lab is the place! Professional caliber instructors meet all styles, ages and levels. Whether you've been dancing your whole life or are in the studio for the first time in 10 years, you will feel embraced and right at home here. - Stephanie Burg (Google Review)

Every instructor is welcoming and patient, and clearly in love with what they do. I love the class cards. I can get my weekly fix of EVERYTHING - tap, ballet, contemporary, hip hop - and I'm always happy I went. I only wish there were also adult options during the day so I could get me some more! � (For real though, how am I supposed to go to sleep at a decent hour when I'm all hopped up on a dancephetamine high?) - Christina Leidel (Facebook review)