Monthly fees are the same regardless of holidays, illness, etc.


1 class/week = $60/month

2 classes/week = $100/month

3 classes/week = $140/month

4 classes/week = $175/month

5 classes/week = $200/month

Unlimited Classes/Week = $225/month

Unlimited Classes/Week (Soloist) = $250/month



1 Costume = $65


We offer the following options for fee payment:


Upfront Payment – payment by cash, check or credit card is acceptable for tuition if paid in full upfront.  Pro Tip: Upfront payment is discounted if received prior to July 20th each year.

Direct Debit – This is our most popular and simple payment method, in which you may choose to pay your tuition fees in monthly installments through our Autopay system. There is no fee for this service.  A credit or debit card on file is required.

Refunds - refunds will not be issued for missed classes due to cancellation or public holiday – where possible, we will arrange make-up lessons for classes cancelled or classes can be made up in alternative class throughout the season.

Cancellations - should you need to cancel your membership for any reason, we just require a 30 day written notice and a $30 cancellation fee to cancel your autopay contract and withdrawal your dancer from his/her classes.