Adult Class & Level Descriptions



Adult Level Breakdown:

Formula Zero - "F0" Absolute Beginner Level. Humans brand NEW to the dance studio world. Fundamentals of movement in dance, conditioning exercises, musicality training and a introduction to choreographic sequences.

Formula One - "F1" Beyond Beginner Level. Humans #dancers with a tiny bit of studio experience or coming back to the studio scene after a long, long hiatus. Basic movements with fun sequencing and attainable choreographic phrasing.

Formula Two - "F2" Intermediate level. Dancers with at least 2 years of recent studio experience will thrive in this level. Intended for dancers looking for a medium to fast paced class environment and a substantial amount of choreography.

Formula Three - "F3" Advanced level. Dancers with lots of studio experience. Perfect for someone needing a BIG challenge to push themselves to that NEXT place in their dance life. Very fast moving, upbeat, intense and intricate choreography. Or lengthy movement phrases requiring physical prowess, flexibility and strength.

Adult Class Descriptions:


feeleuphorichip hop.png

Feel Euphoric Hip Hop (F0). Euphoric describes a state characterized by intense excitement and happiness. If you’ve ever moved your body in rhythm to your favorite song, you’ve most likely experienced this state of being. This class introduces the fundamentals of hip hop and dance movement to ignite a EUPHORIC experience for brand spanking new adult beginners. The class is equipped with awesome music for a heart pumping, soul satisfying good time. Bring your friends, this one is most enjoyable as a crew. Taught at the Brand New Beginner Level.

Feel Energized Hip Hop (F1).  Some people take a shot of espresso, some do fifty jumping jacks, some jump in a cold pool of water...we like our Formula One Hip Hop to wake up and energize our senses the best! Awesome conditioning stretch, great hip hop and rhythm techniques to work on quality of movement and musicality, and fun weekly combinations marrying all of the amazing hip hop vocabulary you learn to create the most thrilling and exciting time. Taught at the Beyond Beginner Level.

Feel Funky Hip Hop (F2).  Get down and be funky. You will feel like a total rockstar and music video dancer in this class. Expect fun and challenging choreography and a huge variety of hip hop styles with with awesome music. Taught at the Intermediate Level.



Feel "The Groove" Hip Hop (F3).  Feel The GROOVE. All movement in this incredibly intricate and diverse hip hop class is groove and bass related.  It’s all about awareness and body control. Complex and killer choreography will have you moving to beats you didn’t even know existed.  Our most advanced and challenging class we offer. Taught at the Advanced/Professional Level.



Feel Sexy 101 (F1).  An awesome introduction to sensual movement in all genres that leave YOU feeling 101% sexy and wild.  You can expect a killer playlist and fun combinations of movement ranging from chair dancing, twerk hip hop, sensual jazz in heels, hard rock (and anything in between). Something fresh and fun each week.  Taught at the Beyond Beginner Level.


Copy of feelsexy-2.png

Feel Bada$$ Movement (F2/F3).  As dancers, we should lavish in our superpowers. This class starts and finishes with YOU feeling sexy, strong and just downright Bada$$.  You can expect hot music and bad to the bone movement with a conditioning warm up. This slaycity dance class provides such feel sexy and feel good movement that we can guarantee you’ll want it to become part of your weekly routine.  All different movement genres will be covered from fosse jazz, hard core hip hop, sensual contemporary, thrash jazz, heels (heels taught the last monday of every month), and everything in between. Taught at the Intermediate/Advanced level.

Feel Inspired Contemporary Jazz (F1).  You want to move this way.  Your body is begging to do this. This class is perfect for the mover not quite ready to embark on complicated phrasing and crazy terminology but who wants to move beautifully and freely through space to amazing music without worry. This class may inspire you to move in other ways and to take more risks with your dancelife.  It is recommended to cross train with our formula 1 Feel Strong & Beautiful Ballet class for most effective results and pleasurable experience. Taught at the Beyond Beginner Level. Private lessons available for first-timers.


Feel Good Contemporary Jazz (F2/F3).  There are other words for to describe this feeling, but GOOD actually describes it best.  When people leave this class, the first words off their tongue are “that just felt so damn good”. Feel Good Movement is our signature.  Join us for our most popular class exhibiting an incredible blend of balletic elements, jazz lines and modern temperaments. Dynamic phrases and unstoppable good vibrations. This class is filled with feel-good, fluid movement and is a great option for dancers wanting a quick paced environment and movers looking for blend of styles in their arsenal. Taught at the Intermediate/Advanced Level.



Feel Strong & Beautiful Ballet (F1 & F2). Despite the delicate appearance of a ballerina, strength is the NUMBER ONE essential element to executing ballet properly.  This class will be working on introducing you to barre techniques and conditioning while tightening up your dance technique so you can get the most out of all your classes, rehearsals and/or performances. Class will include Barre, Floor Barre, Center and Across the Floor exercises. Appropriate Ballet attire requested. Taught at both the Beyond Beginner and Intermediate Levels. Private lessons available for first-timers.

Feel Beautiful Ballet Movement (F2/F3).  Feeling beautiful is so important for that gooey “self-love”stuff everyone keeps talking about.  Ballet is the determining factor for brilliance in movement and it provides the "how to" on moving beautifully.  Technique training at the barre and wonderful center and across the floor progressions will give you your weekly dose of BEAUTIFUL. Each class will utilize your ballet technique to functionally move through space with grace, poise and beauty.  Taught at the Intermediate to Advanced Level.


Feel Wild Jazz Styles (F2).  Let your hair down and get a thrill for the week. This is our favorite technique with all its many styles. Velocity, lines and explosive solutions result in great momentum for progress in jazz.  With all that good stuff, it is quite possibly the most applicable and versatile dance genre there is. Our jazz class gives you the elements to success in executing any type of athletic dance movement.  Think incredible conditioning warm up and ridiculously good phrases across the floor with challenging yet mind thrilling combos. Taught at the Intermediate Level.


Feel Free Modern (F2/F3). Unrestrained, pure and liberating. Unravel, unwind and start your weekend right with this awesome friday morning option. This is our answer to modern. It is grounded and genius. Beautiful and feel-good phrases with incredible sounds, unthinkable combinations and impact-free movement.  Some funky and quirky interpretations of the traditional form will have you challenged in all the right ways. We push progress with this genre and the way you feel after class will leave you understanding why. The "25 years and up" dancer will also appreciate the gentle (body friendly) approach of warm up, across the floor and choreography.  Taught at the intermediate/advanced level.


Feel Fancy Tap (F1). Awesome introduction to tap techniques to get you feeling all types of fancy and lavish. Fun rhythms and sounds will flood the studio. Tap shoes required. Taught at the beyond beginner level. Private lessons available for first-timers.

Feel Fresh Tap (F2). When you’re ready for that next step up, a FRESH approach at making noise and combining all your favorite and FANCY tap moves more swiftly with more complex combinations and quicker rhythms.  Tap shoes required. Taught at the intermediate level.

Feel Bold Tap (F3).  You want to take a risk.  You want a challenge to push you to the next level.  Perhaps you are one to jump first and ask questions later.  You are BOLD and ready for this. Our most advanced tap class with challenging phrasings, experimental progressions and awesome new technical vocabulary to master. Tap shoes required. Taught at the advanced level.



Feel Bangin' Body Bootcamp (Open Level). An extension of our summer hit Bangin Body Bootcamp, but open to the public as a drop in option. This class brings the heat. Yoga, Barre and HIIT will get you that BANGIN’ BOD you keep dreaming about :) You’ll connect breath with movement as you flow through a vinyasa power sequence to detoxify, exhilarate, and build strength with an amazing full-body (and mind!) workout. The best part? It’s the perfect blend of sweat & serenity. All levels or dancer and human welcome.