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Adult Level Descriptions


Adult Level Breakdown:

Formula Zero - "F0" Absolute Beginner Level. Humans brand NEW to the dance studio world. Fundamentals of movement in dance, conditioning exercises, musicality training and a introduction to choreographic sequences.

Formula One - "F1" Beyond Beginner Level. Humans #dancers with a tiny bit of studio experience or coming back to the studio scene after a long, long hiatus. Basic movements with fun sequencing and attainable choreographic phrasing.

Formula Two - "F2" Intermediate level. Dancers with at least 2 years of recent studio experience will thrive in this level. Intended for dancers looking for a medium to fast paced class environment and a substantial amount of choreography.

Formula Three - "F3" Advanced level. Dancers with lots of studio experience. Perfect for someone needing a BIG challenge to push themselves to that NEXT place in their dance life. Very fast moving, upbeat, intense and intricate choreography. Or lengthy movement phrases requiring physical prowess, flexibility and strength.

Open Level - “Open” This level is exactly what it says. ANYONE is welcome to attend, but the mad scientist will teach to the MASSES in the room. Some prior dance studio experience is suggested to enjoy these classes to the fullest. Take what YOU can out of each class. Modify when needed. ENJOY!

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