let's rock.



Woo Hoo! We are so fired up to help you discover your movement lifestyle whether you want fun, fitness, artistic expression or baller performance opportunities, we’ve got you. 


Check out our top questions and answers about our ADULT PROGRAM and see if the lab is right for you, right now. 

Why Dance Lab? We quite literally are so much “more than just a dance studio.” We bring joy, energy, positive vibes and motivation to your life. We promise community, family, love, inspiration, laughter and a reason to smile. There is nothing more soul satisfying than connecting to music through movement, and we introduce you to all that GOOD stuff on a whole other level. We don’t just create dancers and movers, we produce happy humans. Come play with us and discover why dancers are the happiest (and most ridiculously good looking) people in the world.


To Purchase a Membership or Not? All the cool people are doing it haha. J/K. But for real...You should consider an unlimited membership with the lab because you can skip the GYM, the therapist, your yoga routine and the barre if you want to. ONE and DONE. Plus the more you come, the more amazing peopleyou will encounter and that will almost certainly increase your well-being. We have some awesome dance fitness focused classes in addition to our beautifully crafted choreography and artistically driven classes for adults, that if you commit to yourself to fully and show up on the regular will get you feelin’ right and lookin’ tight(an added bonus). The unlimited membership grants you as much access as your heart desires to all of our adult level classes as long as you book your classes in advance to guarantee a spot.  Afraid of commitment? That’s what she said. No worries, you can cancel/freeze your membership at any time, we just need 30 days notice in writing to do so. Class cards are a cool option, too, if you know you’ll be a little more sporadic in your dance habit. They come in packs of 10 and you save $$$$. So that’s hella cool. ORRR you can just pay by the class if that's more of your speed.

I Don’t Have Any Formal Dance Training. Am I ready? Boy, are you ready? Heck yes. Prime in fact. Our signature formula 0 is perfect for BRAND NEW beginners and our formula 1 classes are specifically designed to nurture the mover and help re-ignite old flames for a dancer that is returning after a long hiatus. There is NEVER a wrong time to start, you do NOT have to be good at dancing to dance, we’ve got you on this. That’s what WE are here for - to spit some education so you can gain some skills, nurture your body and impress your buds.

I’m an Adult ANNND I have plenty of dance studio experience . Will I be dancing with little kids? No. You absolutely will not. The adult program is reserved for our adult students only. We know how important it is to feel comfortable and dare we say COOL on the dance floor. Nothing like a prodigy 8 year old doing 8 million tricks and splits to kill your buzz. On occasion (and it’s rare), you may share the red carpet with some of our more advanced senior crew students (ages 16 and up) as they are encouraged (for their growth and opportunities as artists) to enjoy some of the more advanced adult choreography driven classes. And there are several open level adult/teen classes indicated on the schedule so you know what you’re walking into beforehand.

What to wear? It really depends on the genre of dance you will be rockin'. You can’t go wrong with something you are comfortable moving in and feel really good in. Leggings and tank tops are a good go-to option or you can get as creative as you’d like while maintaining comfort and ease of movement, but we usually recommend something that covers the knees as floor work can be a considerable part of some of our instructor’s dance curriculum.

How Do I Sign Up? Glad you asked.  We can consult and foster your experience one on one by scheduling an INTRO CLASS…OR…if you are more of a self starter, you can do it ALL online. Book classes and pay for memberships all in your own personal online portal. You can also do all of this in person at the lab, but why not save time and guarantee yourself a spot in your favorite classes by reserving your spot online beforehand. Either way is cool with us. Wanna give it a try?