BALLET EQUILIBRIUM.  the determining factor for brilliance in movement.  barre technique and the "how to" on moving beautifully.  our version of the traditional form - ballet.

CONTEMPORARY FUSION.  our most popular class. an incredible blend of ballet, jazz and modern. dynamic phrases and unstoppable good vibrations. this class is filled with feel-good, fluid movement.  a great options for dancers wanting a blend of styles in their arsenal. 

FORMULA 1 BALLET.  a balanced equation with all the basic variables to produce a perfect ballet experience for beginners. heavy barre work and basic ballet movement covered. COMING SOON...

FORMULA 1 HIP HOP.  the fundamentals to ignite a feel good hip hop experience for beginners or dancers of all levels.  a killer introduction to hip hop movement with awesome music for a heart pumping, soul satisfying good time. COMING SOON...

FREE ENERGY FUNK.  molecules moving quickly and positively charged choreography will captivate a dancer's soul.  hip hop and jazz focused.  it's also just super fun.  

HEAT & JAZZ TECHNIQUE.  apply just the right pressure and results are exquisite and thrilling.  this jazz class gives you the elements to success in executing any type of athletic dance movement.  think incredible conditioning warm up and stupid good phrases across the floor.

HIP HOP BOILING POINT.  like a beaker to a flame, temperatures will rise in this favorite dance genre - hip hop. expect killer choreography and a huge variety of styles with many guest instructors from the industry.  caution: music may contain explicit material.    

JAZZ ELEMENTS.  our favorite technique with all its many styles. velocity, lines and explosive solutions resulting in great momentum for progress in jazz.  with all the good stuff, it is quite possibly the most applicable and versatile dance genre there is.  

METAL NOISE TAP.  more commonly referred to on the periodic chart as TAP.  

ORGANIC MOVEMENT AT ABSOLUTE ZERO.  our answer to modern. it is grounded and genius. 

SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION.  you get the invite with "date, time, location".  you are the guinea pig.  nothing will be disclosed to you until the music or movement begins.  you won't know what genre you will be partaking in or what mad scientist we're sending to you until 0:01. just come as you are, "ready to discover".