BAD GIRLS CLUB - adult dance co.


Auditions - Monday, January 15 @ 9:30pm-10:30pm at The Lab

Come to class at 8:30pm to learn the audition combo.


What is a Bad Girl?  

Despite a very (well-deserved) “SEXY” reputation, a bad girl is not just a hottie  in heels doing hip hop :) Quite the contrary, she is someone who can do ANYTHING she sets her mind and heart to - jazz, ballet, contemporary, modern, hip hop and maybe she even does tap when she wants.  She is someone who knows what she wants and goes after it.  She is someone who works her ASS off to be the baddest version of herself.  She has a light that shines so bright she has to share her glow with the rest of the world.  She is a performer.  She is unstoppable.  Basically, she is a bad ass dancing heels on occassion.


What is the Club?

Conveniently, the lab has a club for all these bad asses wanting to expand their dance experience and grow as artists and performers.  It’s called the Bad Girls Club, or for lack of a better term, THE CLUB (think less babysitters and more FIGHT).  The Club meets once (or twice or thrice) a week to work towards concept videos, fun themed events, and once a year they present their work under a proscenium on a professional stage for their adoring fans to witness - we like to call this moment the baddest show in town.  


The Perks?

Bad Girls get awesome full length concert performance opportunities, fun and exciting gig opportunities and some bangin’ training and rehearsal experience.  We may even take a field trip or two. Each bad girl will also get a professional photoshoot to snag some SLAMMIN HOT photos of themselves, too. Bad Girls will range from pre-professional to professional in levels. There is even a hot little “rookie” club for our newbies just stepping on the scene wanting performance opportunities and/or less of a time commitment. We all learn from each other, despite our differences in strengths and abilities.  If we had a room full of beyonces, the flavor would be lacking.  We gotta get some rihannas and minajs up in here, too. Let’s mix it up and create a full bouquet experience for everyone involved.  


Time Commitment & Training Requirements:

The Club: Mondays 8:30pm-10:30pm (Class and Rehearsal)

BalleTrinas (meaning the exceptionally fluid movers and dance technicians): Wednesdays 8:30pm-10:30pm (Class and Rehearsal)

Boss Bitches (meaning the hip hop veterans and the playas pushing progress): Thursdays 8:30pm-10:30pm (Class and Rehearsal)

Fresh Meat (meaning the rookie 1st years, aka bad girl freshman, or the ladies of leisure tryin to have a life and shit): Sundays 1pm-3pm (Class and Rehearsal)

Costume Requirements:

Black Blazer

White Blazer

White Dress Shirt

Black Lace Bra

Red Lace Bra

Black Leotard of choice

Black High Waisted Underwear

Black High Waisted Bootyshorts

Black High Waisted Leggings

White Denim Shorts

Hot Pair of ripped up “blue” jeans (light wash)

Graphic T-Shirt

Black Lined Fishnets

Black Heels

Black Combat Boots


Tuition & Fees: $150/month for unlimited training at the lab.  $100 for 10 class card.  $15/drop ins. Must at least attend 2 classes/week.


Calendar of Potential Opportunities:

  1. Yanis Marshall Heels Workshop in CARY NC - Saturday, Oct 7th - FIELD TRIP!

  2. Charleston Arts Festival - Saturday, October 28th at Royal American

  3. Centerfolds - Sunday, November 12th at The Commodore 

  4. NYE Wonderland Bad Girls Set - December 31st at the Memminger 

  5. The Baddest Show In Town - Thursday (5-11pm), Friday (all day) & Saturday (all day) March 29-31st - Full Cast Club including Fresh Meat!

  6. Guest Appearance at the Youth Spring Concert (artsy stuff only) - Sunday, May 20th at the Charleston Music Hall